Since our founding in 1985, we have engaged in the engineering and technical services by representation for several European and international companies in pumps technology sector to cover our market in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

We have gained expertise in our field through several private and governmental organizations projects in Middle East.

Our goal is to establish long-term business relationships and develop it with global strategic partners (customers and suppliers) in an ever-changing global business environment, generating win-win situation for all parties involved and to promote cooperation


Head office

2nd Floor - Alkoussour sq. Alkouzbari st. 

P.o.box 30 50 4 Damascus

Tel:    +963 11 4473322 - 44697887

Mob: +963 944 64 50 65 

Email: fmorad@scs-net.org

Syria and Lebanon Market


7th Circle - Alrawabi  

P.o.box 850 240 Amman 11885

Tel:    +962 6 586 533 1

Mob: +962 79 0 676724

Email: fares@faresmorad.com

Jordan and Iraq Market